My Vision

I consider myself an extremely passionate person in general aspects, even more when it comes to storytelling, art and fashion. The mere possibility of continuing to expand my knowledge and experience is the greatest motivation I can have to grow as a creative director,

My references are an endless list of talented artists and designers, but if I had to pick one, it would definitely be the legendary Yves Saint Laurent. I admire his talent and sensitivity for beauty, detailed not only as a creative in fashion, but also for his taste in art, design and architecture.

I am passionate about vintage, glamor and elegance, always with a sensual, nostalgic and timeless touch.

When it comes to creating I seek to tell a story, I agree that I am extremely passionate about creating characters and environments.

A guiding principle that helped shape the future of my career, as Franca Sozzani once said:
“Fashion is a visual language and therefore one that everyone in the world can understand”.